europe 2013 – part 1

i’ve been meaning to share some of my vacation pictures with you all! there was much much distress over which camera(s) to bring to europe on my trip this past summer, let me tell you. in the end, after much debate, i decided to bring my 35mm film camera with me. traveling with so many rolls of film definitely made me anxious (i actually did hear a group of people at windsor castle discussing how “no one uses film anymore, why on earth do these booths still have film”…!), but in the end i felt much safer not having one of my (heavy/expensive) digital bodies on me whilst traipsing through the countryside, and i felt i enjoyed actually taking pictures more too. now, that’s not to say i didn’t take a bunch of iphone pictures, but having only a film camera made me pick and choose what to take pictures of and so in the end i spent more time enjoying my vacation instead of photographing it :)

with that said, here’s a selection of the pictures i did end up taking! i’ll start you off with the london area (including the harry potter tour at the wb studios, eek!), amsterdam, st. goar and munich. in my next post we’ll cover innsbruck, venice, lucerne and paris!