beverly + nelson’s wedding: the ritz carlton

i know, i’ve been absolutely awful at updating my blog this year! my last post was in january? are you kidding me?? EEK. i apologize, i will definitely try to post more on here… and regularly!

i’ve got family shoots and personal travel pictures to present soon, but to start off i’d like to post a wedding! i assisted sarah k chen at this ritz carlton wedding in laguna niguel, featuring the beautiful couple beverly and nelson! don’t forget to go check out the full wedding details over at sarah’s blog!

BeveryNelson-1 BeveryNelson-3  BeveryNelson-2    BeveryNelson-4 BeveryNelson-5  BeveryNelson-6   BeveryNelson-7 BeveryNelson-8  BeveryNelson-9   BeveryNelson-10 BeveryNelson-11  BeveryNelson-12   BeveryNelson-13 BeveryNelson-14  BeveryNelson-15  BeveryNelson-16  BeveryNelson-17   BeveryNelson-18 BeveryNelson-19  BeveryNelson-20   BeveryNelson-21  BeveryNelson-22  BeveryNelson-23  BeveryNelson-24  BeveryNelson-25  BeveryNelson-26  BeveryNelson-27  BeveryNelson-28    BeveryNelson-29 BeveryNelson-30  BeveryNelson-31 BeveryNelson-32  BeveryNelson-33 BeveryNelson-34  BeveryNelson-35 BeveryNelson-36  BeveryNelson-37 BeveryNelson-38  BeveryNelson-39 BeveryNelson-40  BeveryNelson-41  BeveryNelson-42   BeveryNelson-43  BeveryNelson-44   BeveryNelson-45 BeveryNelson-46  BeveryNelson-47 BeveryNelson-48