shelby + vaughn’s wedding: moli’i gardens

at last! my friend shelby’s wedding makes its debut… and as the first wedding i’ve shot as primary! woohoo!

shelby and i have been talking about her wedding for some time now. she and vaughn were engaged for a few years but put off the wedding until after they had their adorable son, phinny, and could do it at her dream location, moli’i gardens. as you can imagine, i’m thrilled it all came together so beautifully!

my fiance mat and i flew out to hawaii and he acted as my second shooter/assistant and helped me out… couldn’t have done it without him!


after setting up the site in the morning, the girls all rushed back to waikiki to get ready at the hale koa hotel, while the guys went to a friend’s house in kaneohe.

the flowers were purchased at watanabe floral, but everyone pitched in to arrange the bouquets and centerpieces themselves!

the bridal party all did their own hair and makeup, and shelby’s mom helped do her hair.

so sad! mat and i were busy running around everywhere and forgot to snag our favors, so i don’t know what they ended up being but the packaging was super adorable haha!

the guys were such goofballs. i could not stop laughing while taking their portraits!

hah! their “badass” picture.

awww doesn’t phinny look so cute with his little cap?

such a stunning entrance!

i think i laughed and cried at the same time when vaughn dabbed at shelby’s tears!

shelby and vaughn gave their parents leis.

i’m just gonna say, i loved their kiss. vaughn literally palmed shelby’s head when he leaned in to kiss her. i didn’t notice at the time but after going through their pictures… love it.

vaughn wanted to be a pretty pretty princess too!

some family had gathered and convinced the gals to pose like charlie’s angels!

ahem… my directions after placing them on the balcony may have been a little too vague, and so they were goofing around a bit. on a side note, it was SUPER HOT and it was tough enough standing remotely close to someone, let alone try to cuddle and take portraits, so props to shelby and vaughn!

ahahaha i just love the look of slight confusion on shelby’s face.

their first dance came to a halt when shelby’s uncle popped out and announced that according to filipino tradition, everyone had to line up and stick dollar bills in weird places and the bride and groom would have to exchange them…. something to that effect. all i know it, that’s one awesome tradition!

oh yeah. someone had to go there.

this wouldn’t be a post by me if it didn’t include delicious food! amazing stuff. the teriyaki beef? i still drool thinking about it.

hahaha grabbed a shot of shelbs with my yashica while the sun was still out.

they also played a game where spouses had to guess each other’s answers to a variety of questions.

time for the bouquet and garter tosses!

vaughn had to stretch a bit first to prep for such an important event as the garter toss.

during their thank you speech, vaughn thanked shelby for organizing their beautiful wedding. TEAR!

shelby’s mom joined in the father-daughter dance… and then shelby’s dad promptly started serenading them.

shelby’s brother joined in too!

vaughn’s mother-son dance was so sweet!

man oh man. and now i leave you with embarrassing shots of shelby and i growing up…


photography: flurrsprite photography
venue: kualoa ranch, moli’i gardens site
officiant: rev. mel morishige from honolulu church of light
rentals: royal party rentals
lighting: shelby’s dad
flowers: purchased from watanabe floral, arranged by shelby etc
cake: tiers of joy
cupcakes: shelby and renee (who even handmade all of those little flowers)
decorations: handmade by shelby, family and friends
clothing: wedding dress from vows, bridal party clothing from macy’s and nex, phinny’s clothing from children’s place and baby gap.


flurrsprite awww thanks renee! and you were totally fine ;) love that shot! hooray shelbs!! you're a married lady, so exciiiiting! can't wait for april, we're gonna party it up! well, as much partying as i do anyway ;) hahaha. I AM MAGIC!!! hahaha thanks cencia!
Cencia brilliant! Maiko is magic! :D
Shelby Hooray! The pictures are beautiful and lovely! Thanks for being patient and professional despite all of our goofiness haha. I'm so so SO happy that you and Matt could make it out and do our wedding. Now- YOUR wedding! I'm so excited :) Just let me know if there is anything I can do! ~Shelby
Renee Hey Maiko! Love the pictures, beautiful! Shelby alerted me they were up. =) Haha, I have to say sorry to Shelbs, I don't think I jumped high enough ^_^;;;; should've took off those shoes... lol I was so worried about falling. Everyone and everything looks really good in these photos. Also I have to agree, I was trying really hard to not laugh and cry at the same time too! =D