josie on a rainy day

when i was at wppi in vegas last year, kodak was kind enough to give me a couple of free rolls of b+w film. i’ve been dying to test them out ever since, so i convinced my stunning friend josie to pose for some portraits on this awesomely gloomy rainy day!

i used my yashica to shoot these medium format shots. i also recently purchased some twin lens close up filters and used them in a few of the shots. trying to see in b+w was difficult, but we styled up josie in an adorable outfit and just played around! with only one roll of film it was hard to figure out what to take photos of, so i ended up pulling out my mk iii and shot some color digital pics as well ;)

can i just say… josie has some amazing boots. and that katana umbrella handle?? yeeeeeeah!


JosiePortraitsBW-4 JosiePortraitsBW-2 JosiePortraitsBW-3 JosiePortraitsBW-5 JosiePortraitsBW-7 JosiePortraitsBW-6 JosiePortraits-2 JosiePortraits-4 JosiePortraits-6 JosiePortraits-11 JosiePortraits-15 JosiePortraits-18 JosiePortraits-26

much thanks to josie for her patience! :)