selecting albums

i’ve been on the hunt for a beautiful album that i can offer in my packages, and i think i’ve finally found it!

as a bookbinder myself (i started my etsy shop back in 2007 (activity there has since lulled, poor thing), and created the bookbinding etsy street team in order to welcome and support fellow bookbinders and bibliophiles in a helpful community), it’s been very important to me to find a quality, heirloom album for my brides.

i searched through many companies and while i do like the modern, flush-mounted albums that are currently being offered by most studios, they didn’t quite speak to me. i ended up stumbling upon cypress albums, who handbinds their custom albums at their own studio using archival techniques and gorgeous japanese fabrics and materials. the kicker? the studio is located right down the street from me! ding ding ding!

i made an appointment and stopped by the studio one afternoon to take a look at their showroom. i was able to handle the albums and see what they’re really like in person, and i fell in love. the “magnolia” album was by far my favorite; the photos are matted with 4-ply museum quality mat boards with beveled-edge openings. i absolutely love the depth and texture it gives the images.


(pictures from cypress albums blog)

it really does give the photos such a fine art look. i will be offering this album in my packages as standard for couples, and i can’t wait to share it with them!

i also offer parent albums, and have selected the “whistler” book for this, which is a flush-mounted album using thin pages to create a more portable, lightweight book. 

(pictures from cypress albums blog)

each package is completely customizable, and we can definitely work together to create the perfect album for you. other albums by cypress are also available to accommodate your needs.

want to see some more gorgeous images of their work? i thought so.

(images from cypress albums site)

they also offer dvd presentation folios, which come standard with any of my packages.

what do you think of these albums? aren’t they exquisite?