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lauren + wil: talega golf course

i helped shoot lauren and wil’s wedding for sarah k chen, and jen lauren grant second shot. their wedding at the talega golf course took place on a bright, sunny day… and everyone around was also bright and sunny! they were just full of love and cheer during this relaxing day, and the party rocked all through the night.

p.s. the flower girl was absolutely adorable, she was so excited to walk down the aisle and then as soon as the time came got all shy and her mom had to help her… awww!

p.p.s. also, i was obsessed with the cake. but what else is new? ;) 

p.p.p.s. obligatory butter shot.




karen + john: the langham

hooray, pretty wedding time!

i assisted sarah k chen with shooting this wedding for karen and john at the langham in pasadena, with jen lauren grant as the second shooter. it was such an elegant affair, and the location is great because it has so much variety! love it! isn’t karen’s dress amaaaaazing? 




some time a-wandering

i needed to finish up a couple of rolls of film, so mat and i wandered through griffith park the other day, for a fun morning of adventuring!

i wanted to see the carousel (which mat had no idea even existed, despite it being in his backyard for the past eight years! whoops!), so we started there and just meandered around. i brought my tripod with me to see if we could get a couple “engagement” shots together, with which we snagged this:

i was quite proud, considering we used my canon’s 10 second self-timer, which meant focusing, clicking the button, dashing across slippery fallen leaves, scrambling up the left side of the tree, hauling myself across the branches and plopping myself down in time to smooch mat and hear the “kkshhh” of the picture taken.

okay, so we missed it on the first try… but we got it on the second!

afterwards, mat allowed me to torture him with some portraits.


we’re developing a system to try to prevent him from blinking at the exact same time that i take my pictures, since he will most likely be my subject for a long, long time.

we wandered for a bit after this, and found a little trail leading to a cute meadow all tucked away. the sun was smack in the middle of the sky (i know, poor timing… but we had a busy afternoon planned!) so i skipped trying to take some sunshiney meadow pictures, and instead convinced mat to take this absurdity:

yep, definitely getting framed. i’m pretty sure rpl was like “…wtf?” when they scanned that pic. on a side note, using the self-timer on the yashica is pretty fun.

we climbed up a hill, which made me realize that 1) wearing flats was a poor choice, 2) i’m SUPER out of shape yo and 3) my cameras weigh a ton, which did not help. but hooray for exercise?

mat posing with my yashica:

and my turn:

mat’s slightly-determined-yet-still-serene face puts mine to shame. apparently, squinting like the devil and actually looking through your camera like you’re about to take a picture makes for bizarre pictures. woe. on the plus side, the color of my hair is neat.

i took this next portrait of mat while we were out in hollywood actually… happened to find a nice green hedge to stand him in front of. the colors are a lot more vibrant than the pictures from griffith park, don’t you think?



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