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our neighbor has a cat that i’ve dubbed “jiji” (not sure of his real name, but he’s a black cat and after watching “kiki’s delivery service” when i was little, all black cats are named “jiji”). he’s always scampering around in the afternoons and the other day i grabbed my camera and snapped some shots. he’s adorable. in these shots he was playing around and making fun of the other neighbor’s cat that was sitting at the window peering outside. i wanted to use my film camera but it was pretty dark by that point and i figured it’d be safer to play with my dslr instead!

he’s a silly kitty… i like how he’s mr. tough kitty with a chewed off ear and is always covered in dirt because he digs around the trees when he chases squirrels, but all he wants is to get pet and then he’s a big cuddle monster happily purring away… :)

maikomitchem doumo <3 yeah, he was staring at the other kitty at that point hahaha
cindy ohhhh these are great!! i especially like 8 & 9. <3

diana mini love

i’ve been taking tons of pictures with the diana mini toy camera that mat and i bought last year, and can i just say how much i love it? we decided to get the “mini” version because 35mm film is just easier for us amateurs to deal with, and because the tinier size makes it that much easier to carry around for jaunts around town. plus, how can you not like something that’s mini?

turns out i’m a huge fan of square photos. i love how they look and i think i “see” the world more square than rectangular, so it makes sense to me. now, add double exposures on top of that and you’ve got a happy maiko!

i thought i’d share just a handful of random pictures that i’ve taken over the past year-ish!


some friends playing cornhole in their driveway, double exposed with a picture i took of some plants. i love that you can see the detail of the plants so well.

apartment building

pretty apartment building in my neighborhood. the yard is always so colorful and well-kept :)

heart chair at the park

cute “heart” chair in a park nearby.


mat, say hello!

new orleans

good ole new orleans! beautiful day for sightseeing.

hawaii apartment buildings & chinatown

a view of the square in a plaza in hawaii’s chinatown, double exposed with a shot at some apartment buildings (and in the distance, the ocean!)

i hope to continue to take pictures with my “mini di” and learn how to get the effects that i want. maybe try out different kinds of film as well, who knows?


costco vs richard photo lab

the other day my friend daniel gave me his old “rebel g” film camera to play with, and i’ve been running around with my 50mm lens taking pictures.

now, i’ve been playing with mat and i’s “diana mini” camera for a while and i’ve been procesing and printing the negatives out over at costco. cheap. decent. quick. i figured i’d just have my rebel g pics done there as well.

first batch i got was horrific. second batch i got was still pretty bad. lines everywhere, crappy cutting… now i think for my mini di pics, that wouldn’t be a huge deal because they’re already a little wonky and it would kind of add to their character. but i wanted to see how nice my rebel g pics would turn out, so this wasn’t going to work.

i took my negatives over to richard photo lab on la brea, after reading so many rave reviews about them, to see if i could get prints and compare their job to costco’s. trying to get 23 prints turned out to be crazy expensive, and even just getting them scanned would be too. the tech suggested just printing out a few of them now, and then bringing my next roll of film and having them develop and scan straight up, which would be more cost effective.

here are the results for you to judge. on the left is the costco scan, on the right is the rpl print that was then scanned by me at home. both have been color corrected, with the left one with my current “style” and the right one trying to match the rpl print i was given (not quite accurate, but close). i doubt my scanner’s up to par, but this should give you an idea.

i first noticed the warmth of the rpl print. i also noticed that they pushed my exposure, which was originally underexposed (yay! i’d hoped they would). i think this explains the graininess of the prints… so i’ll just have to make sure i expose properly for my next batch ;) need a light meter… anyway! what do you think?

costco print v.1print from richard photo lab

maikomitchem yeah, i mean i like how the costco one eventually came out after i tweaked it, but i do like warmer colors i think. makes it more dreamy to me!
cindy Actually, i like them both. they have different feels to them... one cooler, one warmer.

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