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gardens, gardens, everywhere!

alright, on to some fun mini di pics!

i experimented a lot more with double exposures for this go-round, and mat also ran around while we were at the huntington gardens with our mini di. some of the double exposures were… well, way too exposed hahaha but i just think the results are always surprising and that is what i love about this camera.



san francisco! always fun.

out at huntington during our last stint in the japanese gardens for a while!

these next few shots are courtesy of mat :)

i love red japanese maple trees:

whoo, crazy bonsai tree!

okay, this one is definitely wonky (and i have no idea what the second image is!) but i like that you can just see diamond head in the center:

and i leave you with this… bwahaha!

flurrsprite i like double exposures, they can be fun :D
cindy fun. the ghostly double exposure works especially well with the setting

more rpl testing

so i shipped off a few rolls to richard photo lab to test out the processing + scanning this time (as well as film types). here are the results from the two rolls of 35mm c-41 film that i shot with my rebel g. i also sent them some diana mini pics to see if it made any difference using them vs costco (not really) but i’ll post those next time :)

for the rebel g, i used one roll of fuji….something. hehe… whatever iso 400 film was cheapest at walmart ;) the other was kodak portra 400. i’ll be honest.. i *think* i remember which pictures were from which rolls, but the difference doesn’t seem too noticeable to me. not sure if that means the fuji i got wasn’t actually cheapo, or if 35mm portra is diffrent from 120/220 portra (which i assume is fab), or if my camera/lens is too ghetto (we’ll ignore the “user being at fault” theory… that’s a given).

regardless, i don’t think these pictures turned out too bad. the grain is going to take some getting used to, but overall they look pretty nice. i didn’t do any color processing with these, they’re straight from rpl (with the exception of the squares, which i just cropped from the originals). it’s pretty awesome not having to do any editing, hooray for rpl! take a look:

playing with light:

another light shot:

friends (before we watched “game of thrones”… the most awesomest show ever):

portrait of moi, courtesy of mat:

okay, this is a shot into someone’s backyard (a little creepy, i know, but i mean.. what is going on here??):

hawaii is just too pretty

some more graduation shots of cindy:

i love food, and i love food shots:

the fam out for brekkie at “cream pot”, the tastiest place in waikiki:

ahh, aperature…. oops:

love the furniture and ambiance of the place:

cindy got too close to the water!

flurrsprite hahaha had to have a test subject! even if you kept running away :P and you're crazy. but tenks <3
cindy why are there so many pictures of me there? D: your photos make me realize that i really need to lose weight <3 otherwise, they are pretty. especially the close-ups and flower pictures

cindy done graduated!

i went to hawaii this past weekend to attend my sister’s graduation! she’ll officially be finishing her master’s in library sciences here after the summer, but she walked with everyone else first :) it was nice being in hawaii, but it was definitely too short! i took a bunch of pictures with my film cameras so once i finish those rolls i’ll be sending them in to get developed and processed with rpl… can’t wait! in the meantime, here are some digital shots i took (they’re pretty much all with my 50mm lens, which is great, but the shots during the grad ceremony have almost all been cropped and while the quality is really good considering how far away we were from my sister and the stage, please forgive the blurriness!).

the lack of picture with my sister actually receiving her diploma is due to the fact that the announcer pronounced “mitchem” like “michyearrrm…michyammm………mitchem” and i was too busy laughing :P here she was worried they’d have issues with her japanese middle name… go figure!


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