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flurr friday: nomad

it’s flurr friday! our topic for this week is my nomadic past.

(courtesy of wikipedia)

okay, maybe not quite that nomadic.

as an air force brat, and grew up around the pacific. i actually didn’t move that much compared to many military families (japan to hawaii to california to japan, at which point i graduated high school and moved to missouri while my family retired in hawaii), but i did have some great opportunities to see the world.

i have lived in and been to several states around the u.s., and i’ve driven across country by myself a few times… from missouri to pennsylvania and back, and then from missouri to california. i’ve also visited a handful of countries on the other side of the world (france, spain, monaco, italy, south korea) and would love to see even more.

i’m rather excited about the prospect of potentially getting to travel for a client’s wedding in the future. when i was younger i wanted to have a wall in a room in my house covered with a map of the world so that i could mark off places i’ve been and then have part of the wall pop out with little drawers so i could stash memorabilia inside. i… may not think that’s the most practical idea now, but the idea of globetrotting is still appealing ;)

are any of you nomads like myself? any particular place you’d love to visit in the future?


hipstamatic vs instagram

(pictures above taken yesterday, because i was really excited that i found a nice (cheap!) leather bag at crossroads, as well as finding out that trader joe’s is selling beautiful peonies and giant chocolate macarons… an exciting errands run for me!)

lately i’ve been trying to use the iphone app “instagram” to take pictures while i’m out and about. previously, i’d been using “hipstamatic” which i have a ton of fun with but which does not have the social network aspect that instagram has.

they both have a several options for post-processing your pictures. what’s fun about hipstamatic is that you can switch out your “lens” and “film” and “flash” to create different effects, and you can mix and match to your heart’s delight. however, you have to choose your settings before you take your picture, and then you are stuck with those settings. instagram, on the other hand, allows you to take your picture first, and then lays out all of your effects options so that you can select and preview the effects before deciding on which one to choose.

you can upload pictures to twitter and facebook etc using either app, but you have to go into each social network to upload your hipstamatic pics, whereas if you sign up with instagram and allow it to access your networks (different topic there) then you can upload it with a tap of a button at the same time that you publish your picture to the instagram network.

i’m still trying to get a feel for the instagram network… i see a ton of beautiful pictures on there but i do feel that unless you upload pictures not taken with the app itself, you can be fairly limited with what you can take (pictures taken with instagram seem to fall into categories of: random food pics, random family pics, random travel pics) which is not necessarily a bad thing and can force you to try to be more creative… but then i’m not sure what the point is besides the ease and convenience of looking at everyone’s pictures all together (rather than as separate categories like in other social networks). instagram does seem to require more upkeep in order to remain current, which then goes against the “ease and convenience” bit. on the other hand, hipstamatic simply allows you to take funky pictures, which you can then upload to twitter/facebook whenever you feel like it.

i’m still getting the hang of instagram, and maybe if i had more personal contacts on it then it’d feel different but as it is i feel like i can get just as much out of hipstamatic and uploading pictures to the social networks that i actively use. in the end for me, it really boils down to what style of picture i want to post, because hipstamatic and instagram offer slightly different options.

have you used either app? do you have a preference?


flurr friday!

alrighty ya’ll, i’m starting up a “flurr friday” series, where i will tell you a fun little fact about myself and then show you something that made me smile…. this way, we can get to know each other better :)


i suppose i should start with “what is flurrsprite?”

“flurr” = what does it make you think of? that’s exactly what it is. ;)

okay okay, “flurr” was actually a word that popped up when i was back in middle school, goofing off in chat rooms with some friends. it was an expressive, descriptive word, rather than a word with a specific meaning. to me, it’s the feeling of when a little sparrow does that whole shiver-and-fluff-up thing, and then sings a little song. flurr!

“sprite” = pixie / fairy / woodland fay

why a sprite? because i’m a geek. and i thought it matched me! teehee?

i actually somehow convinced peet cooper, a fantastic artist i stumbled upon, draw a little ~*flurrsprite*~ for me back in the day.


speaking of being a geek (ooooowee, you don’t even know…yet!), i saw this on the twitterverse earlier this week (via @nathanfillion):

i hope you either a) like the muppets, so this is awesome or b) like firefly, so this is awesome or c) like both, so this is super awesome.

if your answer is actually d) none of the above, please use netflix and catch up to the amazingness of both!


how about it? any fellow fans out there?


flurrsprite ahahahah i missed vera!! amazing
cindy LOL awesome even though I'm not a huge muppets fan (except kermit and piggy I guess) vera is a rubber chicken.

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