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silverlake walk!

today i’ll be taking a walk around silverlake’s silverlake (not a run, a walk… yes i’m lazy) and plan on bringing along my little film camera and snapping some fun shots while i’m out there.

(silverlake image courtesy of amoeba’s “amoeblog“)


walking around the lake is always fun… the cute dogs that run around (there’s a dog park on the south end too), the nice breeze, the pretty houses right up against it (i want to own them all!), the hidden stairs located in random spots on the hills. :) i need to make more of an effort to get out there, especially now that they’ve opened up a new little park along one side. hopefully i can get some nice architecture/landscape shots today, and maybe play with some puppies! i’ll be sure to post the pictures all up on here once i get them back from rpl.

do you have any favorite neighborhood spots that you like to take pics at?


flurr friday: macarons

ya’ll, i love me some macarons. sweet, sweet french macarons:

(i don’t think i’ve written this yet, but all pictures are by me unless otherwise stated)

(…that macaron kind of looks like a mushroomy blob. poor thing)


from what the blogosphere tells me, macarons have become incredibly popular to have at weddings. the last few that i’ve been to have attested to that. considering that i will be getting married next spring, you’d figure that if i love them so much that i would have them at my wedding too.


why? one reason is that macarons are difficult to not squish. even if i can find some place in hawaii that makes them, i’ve then got to figure out how to get them to the ranch that i’m having the wedding at without crushing their oh-so-delicate wafers. also, they’re pricier than say, a pie. i mean, not so pricey that i won’t grab a handful every time i go grocery shopping in little tokyo and walk by paulette’s (ahem), but enough macarons for a wedding? budget wedding =/= macarons. gotta cut back somewhere, right? besides, since i probably won’t be able to stand there and force everyone to try one so they can experience the awesomeness that is a macaron, some of our guests might think they’re crazy alien cookies and want to stick to cake or pie instead anyway and then all those precious little macarons would go to waste…WOE!

so while i’m a bit sad that i won’t be sharing macarons at my wedding, i’ll happily satisfy my cravings by gobbling some down daintily nibbling on some from time to time.

does anybody else love macarons? their awesome fluffy/chewy/creamy texture, their cute happy colors, their tasty random flavors?

p.s. these macarons are not to be confused with coconut macaroons… not too keen on those ;)


assisting for sarah k chen

the other day i was browsing through twitter and saw sarah’s tweet about needing a new assistant for the wedding season this year. i was fortunate enough to start assisting for sarah that very weekend, and i have been having an absolutely amazing time!


sarah just posted her highlights for that first wedding that i assisted at on her blog, and you can see her beautiful pictures here. kathryn and chris had a stunning wedding out at the st. regis monarch beach resort in laguna beach. i was thrilled to be helping out, and spent my time trying to learn sarah’s gear (like how to add new film to her contax!). i was able to meet sarah’s second shooter jen there and it’s been a ton of fun and a fantastic learning experience working with them both :)

i’ll be assisting sarah on several weddings this season, and will post some of the pictures that i take as a third shooter (i didn’t take pictures at kathryn and chris’ wedding, i needed to spend my time focusing on how to assist!) and hopefully as the year goes on, the practice and benefit of seeing pros in action will help me to become a better photographer! yay!

sarah takes both digital and film pictures, which i adore. her photography is elegant, classy and timeless, and you can check them out on her website at or her blog at

her awesome second shooter jen, who was her assistant last year, can be found at


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