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danielle + eric’s wedding: rancho las lomas

i’m very excited to present danielle & eric’s wedding for you today :) it took place at the gorgeous rancho las lomas estate in orange county. the day was perfectly sunny and everyone was so so happy! i loved it!

i was able to not only assist sarah k chen with her gear (and jen lauren grant as second shooter!), but also acted as a “third shooter” and took pictures with my lil dslr as well. HOORAY!

this was the first wedding i’ve ever shot at as an assistant, eep! but i’m rather happy with how my photos turned out. i’m still learning and trying to decide on how to edit them (i’m torn, i love a simple and classic look but i also love a more “vintage” look! it all depends on the occasion haha)… the images below are basic “clean and bright” color-corrected images. i also need to figure out what kind of b+w style photos i’d like to create… they’re tough! ;)

anyway, i hope you enjoy!

the decorations here were beautiful!

such a lush location, i loved all of the fountains!

what a stunning bride!

there’s eric checking out danielle’s boudoir album, woohoo!

love the exchange between father and daughter here as they’re about to walk down the aisle… *tear*!

those fluffy grilled cheese sammiches with tomato soup looked so nomlicious!

phew, does danielle not have the sultry vixen look down or what?

awww… happy newlyweds!

eric cracked me up. he was trying to dip danielle but didn’t really know how to do it! adorable :)

yahhh! they’re posing to match their cake topper!

danielle’s dress was super flowy and dreamy… love how it moved when she spinned!

see! what’d i tell ya? they’re secretly spies! dunununuuuu!

please check out sarah’s blog for her original post of danielle & eric’s wedding! she has such an amazing eye!



flurr friday: disneyland

soooo i’m kind of a big fan of disneyland…


i luv hunny! (personal picture)

i’m a disney gal, and while i don’t have an annual pass to disneyland so i haven’t been there a GAJILLION times, i’ve been there plenty! i also went to tokyo disney and disneysea when i was living out in japan during high school… love them!

this weekend i’ll be going to disneyland and i’m pretty excited about the updated star tours ride. not to say i was a little miffed when they closed it, but i can’t really be all indignant when i haven’t even ridden the new one yet eh? :)

who else loves disneyland?



flurr friday: a song of ice and fire

i warned you, i’m a nerd! and today  i’m here to declare my love for george r. r. martin. this month the latest book from his series “a song of ice and fire” will be released, titled…

(image courtesy of


squee! i’m incredibly excited, and am currently debating over whether i should get the e-book version on my nook (to make for easier reading when i’m multitasking and eating while i read… i know, i know) or get the actual tangible book (mmmmmm… paper). we’ll see whether practicality wins out over sentimentality!

i was thrilled when hbo announced that it would be making a tv series, with the first season based on the first book, “a game of thrones”… it turned out pretty epic. alas, the first season is now over and i can’t wait for the second (not out until next summer… boo)! if you haven’t seen it yet, you should (nsfw though… it IS hbo). i mean, check out the awesome throne that they built for it!

(image courtesy of hbo’s game of thrones website)


le sigh.. i love me some fantasy. anyone else out there ready for the next book?


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