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silverlake walk and fourth of july

before i sent off my test roll of 220 film taken with my yashica to richard photo lab the other day, i sat there debating about my two rolls of 35mm film that i had waiting to be processed. i was quite happy with what rpl presented last time, but when i calculated a guesstimate of what all three rolls would cost me, it came to the same price of what my yashica camera had been and forced me to decide if spending that much on my personal photos with 35mm is really worth it. do i like the better quality of the prints and scans? why yes, yes i do. but i figured it was worth a shot to try out target photo, since costco has been disappointing and i don’t know of any walgreens nearby (i’ve heard that they’re fairly decent with their film).

alas, i think i like costco’s prints better than target’s (i even got the “premium” prints, but there were still discolored chunks of lines on the prints), although target has better customer service… but target’s scans aren’t too bad, just small. i thought i’d put them up here and see what y’all think!

so i took that walk around silverlake the other day, and here are some of the shots i snagged on film.

my favorite stairs around the lake… the way the trees come together makes it look so secretive :)

on the fourth of july we went off to playa del rey for our annual beach day! it was a lot quieter due to the lack of fireworks at marina del rey, and we ended up going later and leaving earlier than usual, but it was still a good time :)


beach days = lots of eating, om nom nom!

puppy love!



flurr friday: tea!

i am a tea girl.

(picture courtesy of moi, while playing with fuzzy processing effects)

i drink coffee, don’t get me wrong. i enjoy my toffee nut caramel latte from sbucks when the mood strikes… but i will usually enjoy the green tea iced latte more.

my default is green tea (preferably sencha… the silky smooth kind! don’t know that it really tastes any better, but it feels so soft to touch! …what… i like textures!). but i also enjoy black tea, barley tea, white tea, herbal tea, yerba mate… not too keen on rooibos though. i usually take my tea straight and unsweetened, but for fruity teas i’ll toss in some sugar, and i also love milk tea.

speaking of milk tea… i love high tea! it’s so much fun! i’m usually stuffed and cursing the world by the time i leave… but they’re good curses, really!

(picture by moi, high tea in hawaii!)

how about you? are you a tea or coffee drinker? america is such a big coffee country, but i’ve slowly noticed tea shops popping up more and more… mwahaha!

and with that, i leave you with this beautiful image:

(picture by moi… what? it’s beautiful, i say! devoured tea party in pennsylvania ;) yum)



yashica 124

hoorayyy! so i’ve been wanting to get a twin lens reflex camera since i was little… i would browse through antique malls in missouri with my fam and there would always be at least one tlr camera sitting on a shelf somewhere, and i’d stare down into the glass and run around with it thinking it was the most fascinating thing. and then later, when the walmart baby movie came out, natalie portman used one and i started pining for one again.

now that i’m trying to get into film photography, i’ve decided that in addition to using my little 35mm slr and mini di cameras, i want to try medium format film and now i have a perfectly good excuse to get a tlr! i used jonathan canlas’ formspring to ask him what he would suggest as a good beginner’s tlr mf camera, and he suggested the yashica mat 124g.

i looked it up, and there were notes saying that the 124 and 124g models were practically the same, so after trolling through ebay i decided to bid on a 124 model and won it for a decent price :) it’s a little banged up, but for the most part everything looks clear and in working condition. now i’ve just gotta make sure it actually takes pictures! i snagged some cheap 220 portra 400nc on ebay as well and have loaded it up. i want to test it out asap because if it works, i may use it at my friend’s upcoming wedding :)

square photos for a square photo camera!



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