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disneyland twenty eleven

more 35mm film, from the happiest place on earth! enjoy :)

yeeeeeeeeah star tours! the new and revamped version was fun. there were storm troopers running around while we were waiting in line, which freaked out the little kids and that was cute. i miss the hokey-ness of the old version, but the 3d wasn’t as bad as i’d feared (i’m not a fan of 3d glasses…why can’t they make 3d goggles for people like me, with no noses? plus the glasses kind of hurt! :P ) and let’s just say i played a special part on our flight ;) whoooeee!

no level 13? bum bum bum~

sandeep’s niece was in town, so he happened to take her to disneyland with his gal josie on the same day we were out there! we met up for some foods and funs.

trying to catch it when it said “disneyland”

hi donald!

let me ouuuuuuut!


flurr friday: san diego comic-con

yes, oh yes. the time is here. this weekend i will be traveling to sdcc for some good geeky times! panels will be watched, long lines will be stood in, cell phones will die for lack of outlets at the convention center, and i will be cosplaying as tony tony chopper from one piece:

ganked from google images via animax zone

can’t recall what the camera policy is for panels, may not be worth it to bring my dslr, but i’ll try to snag of pic of the gloriousness for y’all ;) will any of you be there?

piki had no idea you were a one piece fan... i say the next cosplay thing you should do is chane from baccano! have fun~!

stephanie + jonathan’s wedding: the westin pasadena

stephanie and jonathan’s wedding out in pasadena was absolutely beautiful! they started out getting ready at the westin and then traveled to their church in south pasadena, and then back up to the westin for the reception.

i was able to assist and act as third shooter again for sarah k. chen, and jen lauren grant was her second shooter. i’m so lucky to have such talented girls guide me through my beginning stages of wedding photography! :)

everyone at the wedding was giddy and having a blast. and what a gorgeous couple, wouldn’t you agree?

i also kind of like this slanted shot i took, when i was trying to include some color in the picture… but i feel like slanted shots are kind of a “fad” type of thing… what do you think?

stephanie having some fun with one of her girls haha:

love stephanie’s hair flower:

jonathan was goofing around a little while taking some portraits:

i was a little bit in love with that microphone~!

check out sarah k. chen’s blog post for stephanie and jonathan’s wedding… so many stunning shots!

piki I think you're definitely improving as you go along. I think the slanted type picture is fine, so long as you don't do like a majillion, which you didn't. nice, bright, clean looking shots. pretty couple, pretty wedding!
Stephanie Maiko - thank you for being part of our day! You were a fantastic part of the SKC team and we love all the images. =) P.S. I love that microphone too haha.

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