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aimi + john’s wedding: seven degrees

aimi and john’s wedding out at seven degrees in orange county was gorgeous! everyone was all smiles and having such a great time. and they rocked the reception as late as they could, with tons of dancing (the bride even wore her spectacular heels all night long)!

i don’t have really any “getting ready” or “portrait” pictures to show you here, as sarah k chen let me take those pictures on her 5d mk ii camera while assisting her for this wedding. woohoo! it’ll be nice when i can finally grab one of those.. le sigh ;) weighs a ton but boy does it take purdy pictures! you should go check out all of the gorgeous shots sarah posted on her blog for aimi & john.

in the meantime, here are some of the pictures i took of their wedding:

this picture is “of the setting” but… it’s really all about the butter. i may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with butter. (seriously, i am loving what caterers are doing with it! this one looks like it has herbs and spices in it.. yum yum.)

such a happy couple <3 look at their adorable beaming faces!

the grand entrance was silly and awesome. i loved it.

the lighting on their first dance was so romantic :)

the maid of honor and best man toasts were both hilarious…

…and also touching and heartwarming.

this little man loooved dancing! he was super into it and came up with some signature moves.

playing with lights inside (so colorful!)…

…and playing with lights outside! i don’t know yet how to take pictures like this so they’re rather blurry but it was fun to try :) they did a heart and their first initials!



flurr friday: rock formations

i used to collect minerals and rocks when i was little. anyone remember “the nature company”? yep, yep, loved that place. the only thing that i hated about it was that i couldn’t have everything in it. but every once in a while, i’d be allowed to pick up a mineral or two. i still have them all, in my little wooden box!

here are few locations in my places-i-must-travel bucket list that involve crazy rock formations which make me go squee:

giant’s causeway, ireland (image courtesy of wikipedia user Petr Brož)

pamukkale springs, turkey (google image search picture courtesy of Surprising Places)

machu picchu (image courtesy of wikipedia user martin st-amant)

okay, so machu picchu isn’t exactly at all a natural formation, but check out those mountains! i wanna go watch “the emperor’s new groove” now.

anyway… i’d love to travel the world and see all of the beautiful landscapes that earth can offer. i’ve heard utah is spectacular (by “heard” i mean i saw a bunch of pictures in my geology class in college and decided i have to go to utah some day), and it’s kind of close by! actually, what’s closer is the mojave desert cinder cones and lava tubes… those shafts of light! *swoon* …must travel!

anybody else love awesome landscapes? do you have any suggestions?



yashica film test!

my pictures are back from richard photo lab, huzzah! it can’t be helped, i just love rpl. and i love my yashica! i’m so glad the pictures turned out (ahem, i can now leave feedback on ebay for the cam…) and they are nice and sharp… and square! well, for the most part… looks like the ratio is a lil bit off, not sure if that means it’s a little wider than it’s supposed to be, or if it’s actually shorter… oh well! also, the crank is cranky (har) and does not like turning all of the time, which means unless i can get it fixed, i won’t be able to use it for anything fast-paced (not that it’s really designed to be, i feel like). no worries, i will just focus on using it to take pretty pretty portraits and detail shots :)

here are some of my faves from the 220 portra 400 roll that i tested at mat and sandeep’s surprise birthday party:

some accidental double exposing (cranky crank), but looks neat to me! sandeep’s girlfriend josie rented a tmnt moon bounce, whoooo!

love gabe’s jump here! haha.

what do you all think? sharper shots than my 35mm?



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