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flurr friday: mille crepe

i’m tempted to make flurr fridays all about food. apparently that’s what’s on my mind on friday mornings.. hah!

today, we will talk about my favorite cake in the world… mille crepe.

(picture by Laitr Keiows courtesy of wikipedia)

i mean really… how can you not want to devour that instantly? layers upon layers of delicate, fluffy crepes connected by light, fresh cream with a sweet and slightly citrusy glaze on top (not shown in this picture… but the ones i’ve eaten have that extra bit on top!).

i used to eat this all of them time when i lived in japan, because there was usually a cute little bakery at any train station and they almost always had mille crepe. 400 yen a slice, but hey, totally worth being whisked away to heaven!

i’ve been to nyc a few times, and on one of those trips i made a point to go to lady m confections, as they were the only bakery in the u.s. that would pop up on google as selling mille crepe. i got a slice and it was tasty, but not quite worth $70/cake for me to ship to myself across the country in order to satisfy my cravings.

i recently found a bakery out in koreatown that sells mille crepe (you have to get there early before they run out) for a decent price so i bought a whole cake, but the cream just wasn’t the same.

(said pretty cake from koreatown in l.a., courtesy of hipstamatic and moi)

in the end i’ve decided that i have to go back to japan and gorge myself on a whole cake there hahaha. i can’t tell if the cake really is better in japan or if it’s just my fond memories, but i’m pretty sad that i can’t seem to find mille crepe here in the states. doesn’t anyone like crepes? :)



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