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shelby’s wedding

exciting news! my friend shelby is getting married next saturday! huzzah!

i will be flying out to hawaii to take her wedding pictures, i can’t wait :) we’ve been friends since we were chillens, see:

(excuse the horrible-no-focus-old-iphone quality, it was in a scrapbook at my parents’ house and i didn’t want to take it out to scan it. we were hawaiian princesses for i think our may day school festival in kindergarten! l to r: my sister, me, shelby)

this’ll be my first wedding as a primary shooter, wheeee! mat will be assisting me, which’ll be super helpful. thanks to shelbs i’m going to be renting some equipment too!

life got ahead of me last week and i was awol, but i’ll be showing you an awesome hawaiian wedding here soon ;) yay!

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flurrsprite thank you! i've started going through your pics, hooray! and they'll totally be square corners, unless you want some with curved :) i just like curved for posting online hehe. eek eek it's coming up, gotta buckle down and get 'er done! ;)
shelby you and matt were totally awesome! ^_^ can i ask if all the pictures will have the curved corners or can we opt for regular corners? i can't wait for your wedding now that mine is over! just 7 months away! <3
flurrsprite awwww yay your wedding is going to be awesome dude!!! :) and i did not know that about kualoa hahaha.. neat! see you soon!
shelby i'm so excited!! thank you so so much! and karaoke tmrw night ^_^ all of these weddings look amazing and so do your photos! i have a bit less glam, but hopefully it'll all turn out fun. also, did you know that kualoa catering serves on 'upgraded' disposable plates? i didn't haha.
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