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flurr friday: daffodils!

good morning everyone!

maiko fact for the day: i love daffodils.

there are tons of gorgeous fluffalicious flowers out there…… ranunculus… peonies… dahlias… most of them prettying up weddings oh so nicely.

but! even though they’re rarely featured anywhere, i’ve always had a soft spot for daffodils. mostly because of this:

(willy wonka and the chocolate factory screencap snagged via google images from marmalade parade)

oh, edible (and drinkable!) daffodil… how i’ve longed to eat you! OM NOM CRUNCH NOM…

willy wonka is to blame for making me fall in love with their cute delicate teacup shape ;) plus they always look so happy peeping out of the ground when spring’s around the corner! anyone else like daffodils?


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flurrsprite haha yayyyy for daffodils! :)
Taylor Morgan I do, I do!! and I agree with the wonka thing ;)
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