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flurr friday: rock formations

i used to collect minerals and rocks when i was little. anyone remember “the nature company”? yep, yep, loved that place. the only thing that i hated about it was that i couldn’t have everything in it. but every once in a while, i’d be allowed to pick up a mineral or two. i still have them all, in my little wooden box!

here are few locations in my places-i-must-travel bucket list that involve crazy rock formations which make me go squee:

giant’s causeway, ireland (image courtesy of wikipedia user Petr Brož)

pamukkale springs, turkey (google image search picture courtesy of Surprising Places)

machu picchu (image courtesy of wikipedia user martin st-amant)

okay, so machu picchu isn’t exactly at all a natural formation, but check out those mountains! i wanna go watch “the emperor’s new groove” now.

anyway… i’d love to travel the world and see all of the beautiful landscapes that earth can offer. i’ve heard utah is spectacular (by “heard” i mean i saw a bunch of pictures in my geology class in college and decided i have to go to utah some day), and it’s kind of close by! actually, what’s closer is the mojave desert cinder cones and lava tubes… those shafts of light! *swoon* …must travel!

anybody else love awesome landscapes? do you have any suggestions?


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