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disneyland twenty eleven

more 35mm film, from the happiest place on earth! enjoy :)

yeeeeeeeeah star tours! the new and revamped version was fun. there were storm troopers running around while we were waiting in line, which freaked out the little kids and that was cute. i miss the hokey-ness of the old version, but the 3d wasn’t as bad as i’d feared (i’m not a fan of 3d glasses…why can’t they make 3d goggles for people like me, with no noses? plus the glasses kind of hurt! :P ) and let’s just say i played a special part on our flight ;) whoooeee!

no level 13? bum bum bum~

sandeep’s niece was in town, so he happened to take her to disneyland with his gal josie on the same day we were out there! we met up for some foods and funs.

trying to catch it when it said “disneyland”

hi donald!

let me ouuuuuuut!

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