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scarlet tea room and the japanese gardens at huntington

sunday brunch = tea party!

little cakes at scarlet tea roomlittle sammiches from scarlet tea roombig fat scones from scarlet tea room

the tea set was quite delicious… having been to the scarlet tea room for dinner (which was fancyyyy… and there was so much food! we’ve since decided that we only really need to order appetizers if we go for dinner, the portions are perfect that way haha!), i was definitely excited about trying their tea set and we were not disappointed :) we couldn’t even finish the last course! …just realized i didn’t get a shot of that, i think it’s because i was so full i didn’t want to move!

afterwards we hopped over to the huntington gardens to say goodbye to the japanese gardens, which are about to be closed for renovation.

entrance to japanese gardens at huntington

i love moss like whoa.

red berries and white flowers

those little red berries with the fluffy white yummy smelling flowers… so pretty!

b&w mat with mini di

mat with our beloved mini di! i felt silly swapping between 3 different cameras while he just stood around, so i asked him to take some pics too :) will develop them later.

mat at huntingtonjapanese gardensbridge in japanese gardensmat taking picturesyoung couple in the bg

i didn’t intend on getting the couple in the background of this picture, but i think it makes it look sweet. they were cute, holding hands and admiring the scenery while we were there :) this picture makes me think they’re having a secret little moment to themselves!

beautiful colors

the colors in this photo. i die. my favorite tree <3

bamboo walkway

this bamboo walkway is so cool and foreboding…

close up on gatelilac

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