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flurr friday: tea!

i am a tea girl.

(picture courtesy of moi, while playing with fuzzy processing effects)

i drink coffee, don’t get me wrong. i enjoy my toffee nut caramel latte from sbucks when the mood strikes… but i will usually enjoy the green tea iced latte more.

my default is green tea (preferably sencha… the silky smooth kind! don’t know that it really tastes any better, but it feels so soft to touch! …what… i like textures!). but i also enjoy black tea, barley tea, white tea, herbal tea, yerba mate… not too keen on rooibos though. i usually take my tea straight and unsweetened, but for fruity teas i’ll toss in some sugar, and i also love milk tea.

speaking of milk tea… i love high tea! it’s so much fun! i’m usually stuffed and cursing the world by the time i leave… but they’re good curses, really!

(picture by moi, high tea in hawaii!)

how about you? are you a tea or coffee drinker? america is such a big coffee country, but i’ve slowly noticed tea shops popping up more and more… mwahaha!

and with that, i leave you with this beautiful image:

(picture by moi… what? it’s beautiful, i say! devoured tea party in pennsylvania ;) yum)



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