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flurr friday: a song of ice and fire

i warned you, i’m a nerd! and today  i’m here to declare my love for george r. r. martin. this month the latest book from his series “a song of ice and fire” will be released, titled…

(image courtesy of


squee! i’m incredibly excited, and am currently debating over whether i should get the e-book version on my nook (to make for easier reading when i’m multitasking and eating while i read… i know, i know) or get the actual tangible book (mmmmmm… paper). we’ll see whether practicality wins out over sentimentality!

i was thrilled when hbo announced that it would be making a tv series, with the first season based on the first book, “a game of thrones”… it turned out pretty epic. alas, the first season is now over and i can’t wait for the second (not out until next summer… boo)! if you haven’t seen it yet, you should (nsfw though… it IS hbo). i mean, check out the awesome throne that they built for it!

(image courtesy of hbo’s game of thrones website)


le sigh.. i love me some fantasy. anyone else out there ready for the next book?


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