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flurr friday: nomad

it’s flurr friday! our topic for this week is my nomadic past.

(courtesy of wikipedia)

okay, maybe not quite that nomadic.

as an air force brat, and grew up around the pacific. i actually didn’t move that much compared to many military families (japan to hawaii to california to japan, at which point i graduated high school and moved to missouri while my family retired in hawaii), but i did have some great opportunities to see the world.

i have lived in and been to several states around the u.s., and i’ve driven across country by myself a few times… from missouri to pennsylvania and back, and then from missouri to california. i’ve also visited a handful of countries on the other side of the world (france, spain, monaco, italy, south korea) and would love to see even more.

i’m rather excited about the prospect of potentially getting to travel for a client’s wedding in the future. when i was younger i wanted to have a wall in a room in my house covered with a map of the world so that i could mark off places i’ve been and then have part of the wall pop out with little drawers so i could stash memorabilia inside. i… may not think that’s the most practical idea now, but the idea of globetrotting is still appealing ;)

are any of you nomads like myself? any particular place you’d love to visit in the future?


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