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flurr friday!

alrighty ya’ll, i’m starting up a “flurr friday” series, where i will tell you a fun little fact about myself and then show you something that made me smile…. this way, we can get to know each other better :)


i suppose i should start with “what is flurrsprite?”

“flurr” = what does it make you think of? that’s exactly what it is. ;)

okay okay, “flurr” was actually a word that popped up when i was back in middle school, goofing off in chat rooms with some friends. it was an expressive, descriptive word, rather than a word with a specific meaning. to me, it’s the feeling of when a little sparrow does that whole shiver-and-fluff-up thing, and then sings a little song. flurr!

“sprite” = pixie / fairy / woodland fay

why a sprite? because i’m a geek. and i thought it matched me! teehee?

i actually somehow convinced peet cooper, a fantastic artist i stumbled upon, draw a little ~*flurrsprite*~ for me back in the day.


speaking of being a geek (ooooowee, you don’t even know…yet!), i saw this on the twitterverse earlier this week (via @nathanfillion):

i hope you either a) like the muppets, so this is awesome or b) like firefly, so this is awesome or c) like both, so this is super awesome.

if your answer is actually d) none of the above, please use netflix and catch up to the amazingness of both!


how about it? any fellow fans out there?



flurrsprite ahahahah i missed vera!! amazing
cindy LOL awesome even though I'm not a huge muppets fan (except kermit and piggy I guess) vera is a rubber chicken.
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