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more rpl testing

so i shipped off a few rolls to richard photo lab to test out the processing + scanning this time (as well as film types). here are the results from the two rolls of 35mm c-41 film that i shot with my rebel g. i also sent them some diana mini pics to see if it made any difference using them vs costco (not really) but i’ll post those next time :)

for the rebel g, i used one roll of fuji….something. hehe… whatever iso 400 film was cheapest at walmart ;) the other was kodak portra 400. i’ll be honest.. i *think* i remember which pictures were from which rolls, but the difference doesn’t seem too noticeable to me. not sure if that means the fuji i got wasn’t actually cheapo, or if 35mm portra is diffrent from 120/220 portra (which i assume is fab), or if my camera/lens is too ghetto (we’ll ignore the “user being at fault” theory… that’s a given).

regardless, i don’t think these pictures turned out too bad. the grain is going to take some getting used to, but overall they look pretty nice. i didn’t do any color processing with these, they’re straight from rpl (with the exception of the squares, which i just cropped from the originals). it’s pretty awesome not having to do any editing, hooray for rpl! take a look:

playing with light:

another light shot:

friends (before we watched “game of thrones”… the most awesomest show ever):

portrait of moi, courtesy of mat:

okay, this is a shot into someone’s backyard (a little creepy, i know, but i mean.. what is going on here??):

hawaii is just too pretty

some more graduation shots of cindy:

i love food, and i love food shots:

the fam out for brekkie at “cream pot”, the tastiest place in waikiki:

ahh, aperature…. oops:

love the furniture and ambiance of the place:

cindy got too close to the water!

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flurrsprite hahaha had to have a test subject! even if you kept running away :P and you're crazy. but tenks <3
cindy why are there so many pictures of me there? D: your photos make me realize that i really need to lose weight <3 otherwise, they are pretty. especially the close-ups and flower pictures
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