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solvang and los olivos

mat and i decided to take a trip out to solvang and los olivos for our three year dating anniversary (mat keeps track of all of our anniversaries… it gets quite complicated!) and to get out of the city for a bit. i brought my camera along and took some 35mm pics.

hot chocolate, the crepe version of “eggs benedict” and a giant waffle with fruit from the belgian cafe? why yes please!


we then ran off to los olivos for the sole purpose of getting me a cupcake flight from enjoy cupcakes! mat didn’t want to get a wine flight without me d’awww (i’m allergic to alcohol) so we just enjoyed these tasties while people watching for a little bit. :)


after the cupcakes, we decided to head back to solvang for dinner (it was kind of ridiculous that the trip was based around meals… oh wait, this is me we’re talking about) and on the way i made him stop at this pretty cliff so we could enjoy the view.




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