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childhood home…photobombed

while we were in connecticut for christmas, mat requested that i take a few shots of his childhood home (his parents are looking to sell). i ran outside and grabbed a few shots on my yashica and rebel g. some of the shots cracked me up, because his golden retriever “dodge” decided he wanted to play. or rather, block my shots.

i started cracking up while trying to take this shot of the house, because he kept dashing in at the last second and just standing there smack in the middle. i eventually gave up. round 1 goes to dodge:

cute swing on a tree in the backyard:

the house from behind:


dodge’s house in the far corner of the backyard, behind the shed… he clearly never used it. poor house.

and once again, planting himself in the middle. he thinks he’s hilarious.

hopefully we see you again soon, home! but in case we don’t… we have plenty of puppy-photobombed pictures of you! :)

 p.s. on a side note, these are all un-edited scans from rpl. whadda ya think?

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