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our neighbor has a cat that i’ve dubbed “jiji” (not sure of his real name, but he’s a black cat and after watching “kiki’s delivery service” when i was little, all black cats are named “jiji”). he’s always scampering around in the afternoons and the other day i grabbed my camera and snapped some shots. he’s adorable. in these shots he was playing around and making fun of the other neighbor’s cat that was sitting at the window peering outside. i wanted to use my film camera but it was pretty dark by that point and i figured it’d be safer to play with my dslr instead!

he’s a silly kitty… i like how he’s mr. tough kitty with a chewed off ear and is always covered in dirt because he digs around the trees when he chases squirrels, but all he wants is to get pet and then he’s a big cuddle monster happily purring away… :)


maikomitchem doumo <3 yeah, he was staring at the other kitty at that point hahaha
cindy ohhhh these are great!! i especially like 8 & 9. <3
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