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diana mini love

i’ve been taking tons of pictures with the diana mini toy camera that mat and i bought last year, and can i just say how much i love it? we decided to get the “mini” version because 35mm film is just easier for us amateurs to deal with, and because the tinier size makes it that much easier to carry around for jaunts around town. plus, how can you not like something that’s mini?

turns out i’m a huge fan of square photos. i love how they look and i think i “see” the world more square than rectangular, so it makes sense to me. now, add double exposures on top of that and you’ve got a happy maiko!

i thought i’d share just a handful of random pictures that i’ve taken over the past year-ish!


some friends playing cornhole in their driveway, double exposed with a picture i took of some plants. i love that you can see the detail of the plants so well.

apartment building

pretty apartment building in my neighborhood. the yard is always so colorful and well-kept :)

heart chair at the park

cute “heart” chair in a park nearby.


mat, say hello!

new orleans

good ole new orleans! beautiful day for sightseeing.

hawaii apartment buildings & chinatown

a view of the square in a plaza in hawaii’s chinatown, double exposed with a shot at some apartment buildings (and in the distance, the ocean!)

i hope to continue to take pictures with my “mini di” and learn how to get the effects that i want. maybe try out different kinds of film as well, who knows?

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