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business cards

the other day, i was asked if i had any business cards to give out, and realized i should probably get cracking on that! :)

i came up with this design and sent it in to overnightprints, my fave biz card seller. their cardstock is really thick and i definitely notice the difference so i’m a fan, plus they also do spot uv so you can have a matte finish card and make specific spots glossy! it’s fun. they do sometimes flub their cards (not unexpected, for creating mass products) like crooked rounded corners (so it’s best not to order from them if you’re on a time crunch and won’t be able to double check the cards) but when they do make mistakes, they get right on sending you some new ones and in the end i think they’re worth it. plus they always have discounts going on! gotprint is close by where i live so if i order from them i can actually go pick up my cards, but while their quality is good, their cardstock isn’t quite as thick and they don’t offer spot uv (at least, not for free that i know of?) so for now i’m sticking with overnightprints.

what do you think? for this first batch i made the acorn logo in the front and the url in the back glossy, and then i threw in rounded corners just to see how it turns out since they’re already so cutesy… perhaps not the most professional, but the bright colors make me happy so now i’ll just wait and see how they turn out! :)


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