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flurr friday: shiba

hopefully soon-ish, mat and i will be renting a house instead of an apartment so we can get a puppy! well… maybe two. mat is dead set on getting a golden retriever (not exactly an apartment dog) and we’d feel bad leaving sirius alone (yep, mat named him already) so we’re talking about getting two puppies so that they’ll be friends.

we could just get two goldens from the same litter (cue eye-twitch at the thought of having to take care of TWO giant dogs)…. or we could get a shiba inu!


 (pictures courtesy of my friend miki’s puppy’s profile on fb… “kojiro woof”)


i love shibas! they’re the cutest little foxy puppies ever! however, they’re notoriously hyper and apparently don’t really understand the concept of “stay”… which is probably why the shibas that i’ve seen out on walks around town are always wearing harnesses… not just leashes. hah!

but i mean, just look at that face! koji’s trying to eat all of the bread apparently.. hahaha. maybe it’s the japanese side in me, i don’t know, but i would really love to get a shiba some day ♥

…that’s assuming i can get over having a hairy smelly dog in the first place! ;)



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