baby grant: newborn session

baby grant finally arrived!

i was so excited when i heard the news and could not wait to meet him :) is he not the cutest bundle ever? ahhh his teeny feet!

i popped by to give my congratulations and we all decided to try to snap a few shots to celebrate. poor grant had just woken up from a nap but after some cuddles and quality time with his parents we played around a bit!

i’m pretty sure i’m a horrible person because i think all of the faces babies make are hysterical. and yes, that does include when they cry. i’m betting my perspective will change at a certain point in the future, hah! but even his tears were adorable :) and you’d crack up too if you saw the animation of the full rapid fire shots i got when we removed his pacifier! baby faces and emotions change so so quickly!

grant humored us and by the end he curled up in his little rocking basket and snoozed for the last few shots. enjoy the adorableness!