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sara + john: engagement

has it been over a year since my last post? why yes, yes it has. have there been lovely photos in need of me posting? oh my, yes. but first! i’m so excited to show you all a few of my favorite shots from the adorable engagement session i took of sara and john. they’re such a sweet and down to earth couple, i just loved shooting them in and around their home and i’m so excited for their wedding in july!


jo + laffite: paebaek

jo and laffite are two of my closest friends here in l.a. and it was such an honor to get to shoot their paebaek / rehearsal dinner last october.

it was a jam-packed weekend full of love and friends and some delicious delicious korean food, oh yes. the event was held at jo’s family home in calabasas, and we put it to some good use! first, the wedding rehearsal was performed with the bridal party and then the paebaek ceremony was held in her family room… everyone got real cozy, guests were even standing on the second floor walkway to watch from above! there was a lot of cheering and laughter :)




europe 2013 – part 2

…and now, for the second half of our fabulous summer trip!

we hopped on a contiki bus for this fun, fast-paced tour (european magic, for those interested). definitely not for everyone and i’ll admit i was rather relieved our group had a higher average age range than their typical european tour, but i thought it was a great way to get to see the different places both of us were keen on in such a short amount of time. we actually combined two tours, and stayed in london for a few days longer at the beginning of the trip, which was great. we’ll see if we can get out to europe again in the future, but next time be able to focus on the areas we liked best!

to the pictures! i’ll be taking you through innsbruck, austria… down through venice, italy… up through lucerne, switzerland… and then the grand finale in paris, france!

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